Columbia, MO Fitness Classes

All Group Fitness Classes

We offer a variety of classes including Les Mills programs, as well as Zumba, Yoga and Barre. In addition, our Functional Fitness class will appeal to those who are just starting out in fitness, prefer a lower intensity, or need a "bridge" to a higher level. We periodically add new classes to the schedule based on popularity and fitness trends. Click on the logos below for a detailed description of each class.


This ballet-inspired class mixes elements of Pilates, dance, Yoga and functional training to generate optimal results. It uses the barre with optional small hand weights to sculpt, tone and stretch your entire body.


Known as one of the world's fastest ways to get in shape, this barbell class will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. Each major muscle group will be challenged before the end of class.


This amazing class will make you feel more alive and energized. Using a height-adjustable step, you can choose the level and intensity of your workout.

Cardio Maxx

Boost your cardio fitness with this powerful high energy workout. Using various drills and techniques you will improve heart function, strengthen muscles, increase bone density, and alleviate stress.

Circuit Training

From start to finish it is only 30 minutes. Moving quickly between stations to work different muscle groups you will target your core, abs, legs, arms, glutes, and back as well as your heart.


Based on cutting-edge scientific research, this 30 minute workout will tone your stomach and tighten your butt. Reach beyond your limits and take your core to the next level.

Functional Fitness

Discover one of the newest fitness trends that enhances, strengthens, and restores movement. Basic exercises help prepare your body to handle real-life occurrences.


Perform various exercises with quick, intense bursts, followed by short recovery periods. HIIT is a very efficient form of exercise and can be completed in a shorter amount of time than other classes or workouts.


This class will unleash the power within and challenge all muscle groups to change the shape of your body. Add definition, increase bone density and improve endurance as you work toward building strength.


Using weighted drumsticks, POUND is engineered specifically for exercising. Created by two female drummers, this class combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with Yoga and Pilates-inspired movements.


Yoga helps you obtain the ultimate balance between mind and body. Using different movements, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation you can relieve stress while stretching the body.


This class involves dance and aerobic elements set to high-energy music, moving you to a new fitness level. Participants claim increased energy, agility, and toning.